front Consider

She poured in a whole quart of love before the man was
warm didn’t save enough sugar to sprinkle on anyone else

She melted all of the butter, too. There wasn’t enough left
to grease the pan let alone the kids

or the skids

She whipped up a frenzy without separating
the juicy bits from the facts

She set her oven too high
let the edges burn the middle sink

Next life, she vowed, she’d read the recipe
all the way through, measure before she began

The next life she came back
as a pile-driving man

About the author

Evelyn Cole

evelyn cole

Evelyn Cole, MA, MFA, poet and resident of San Luis Obispo County, CA, is a failed sea kayaker, a successful cook, failed businesswoman, successful teacher and professor, failed webmaster, successful ping pong champ, failed golfer and successful traveler, wife/lover, mother, and occupant of this planet who wears her poetic license on her car, her head in the sand, and her heart in her pen.

She has published one textbook on levels of abstraction, two books of poetry, and six novels shown throughout, “Call me Mary” subtitled “and do call,” “For the Sake of All Others,” “A Tough Journey,” “Gambling for Good Mail,” “Hurricane Love” and “The Underbelly,” subtitled “Dr. Jacquelyn and Mrs. Hyde.” Beside non-fiction articles for psychologists, she wrote Brainsweep, a six lesson course for tapping into the subconscious mind. It is available free to anyone who doesn’t mind writing by hand.

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