I’m sorry if I disillusioned you, dear friends. My novel, CALL ME MARY, isn’t as sexy as you’ve been led to believe by the fact she was addicted to sex. I think you’ll find the most challenging chapters expose Mary’s theories on education.

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Hey, my good friends, Evelyn Cole here wanting to shake you up, kick you off all those formula books you may have been reading. Back when I thought I should go for a genre, I tried writing a Romance novel and studied the formula.  When I started writing it, I laughed so hard I couldn’t continue.  I know there’s some great literature in popular genres, but I can’t write them.

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Hey dear old friends and new ones, give me a few minutes and your thoughts about social class. Here’s an example from my childhood that may spark one from yours. When you were nine or ten years old were you aware of social class distinctions? I learned the hard way.

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