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AUTOBIOGRAPHY Poem by Evelyn Cole

March 14th, 2014 Evelyn Cole

When I was six
I drew pictures with a rock
on our neighbor’s car
and invented a ball game

When I was sixteen
I spoke French,
Elizabethan English,
and suffered heartbreak

When I was twenty-six
I had no clothes dryer but
Did have two babies in diapers
one a year old, one newborn

When I was thirty-six
I was single and broke
writing ad copy
for Yachting Magazine

When I was forty-six
my father tried suicide
He wanted his body to be buried
so it could feed a tree

When I was fifty-six
I was in charge,
teaching teachers
and living lonely

When I was sixty-six
I kicked out a lover
who couldn’t love me
nor earn his dinner

When I was seventy-six
I was happily married
for six years and having
lots of fun day after day

When I am eighty-six
I may be lonely
but still writing
lines like these

Evelyn Cole

Written by Evelyn Cole

Evelyn Cole

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