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Blog 11: How to Enjoy Your Own Party

July 26th, 2013 Evelyn Cole

One of the hardest illusions to die is the one that someone else can make you happy or unhappy, excited or angry.

You may have noticed that you can be happy with another person only if you are happy with yourself. Imagine going with a loved one to a party when you are feeling frumpy and grumpy.

Doesn’t your loved one irritate you? Especially if he or she is having a good time?

Back to feelings in motion: Feelings are temporary because they are moving, unless we hang on to them as if they were life lines or we believe they are caused by somebody else.

For example:  Recently I felt deeply hurt by a letter from a friend criticizing my latest novel. I was hurt because I agreed with his criticism. The feeling engulfed me for an hour or so, until I remembered the many raves about my work. Had I agreed with the raves?

Then I asked myself why I was still feeling hurt. I didn’t need to. Besides, my work was not me, it was simply my work. So I re-read the letter. What I had perceived as harsh criticism I could now read between the lines and realize the letter said more about the guy writing it than it said about my work.

Lots of people don’t like what I cook. Since I don’t feel defensive about my cooking, it doesn’t hurt. I recognize the great variety in taste and cook what I like to eat, just as I write what I like to read despite the great variety in literary tastes.

If you are a fabulous interior decorator you live in a beautiful place and serve food with color in mind.

If you are a strong, silent type, you serve roast beef and baked potatoes.

Look at who you are and select from recipes here and elsewhere that match your preferences. Then you can enjoy all aspects of your dinner party.



Written by Evelyn Cole

Evelyn Cole

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