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Blog 13: How Multi-Tasking Can Keep You Poor

July 26th, 2013 Evelyn Cole

As the cost of living creeps up faster than your income does, you tend to move faster every day. Technology makes it easy for you to accomplish several tasks at once.

You are told that money likes speed. Get an idea, jump on it. But it seems the faster you move, the poorer you feel.

I remember feeling smug once.  My printer was spitting out my manuscript while Boeuf Bourguignon bubbled on my stove and I bought my air ticket to Boston online.

After all, I’m a Gemini who believes in not believing in astrology and usually doing at least two things at once.

But moving fast robs me of wealth.  It keeps me poor. Every time I slow down, I get rich. Here’s a relevant metaphor from one of my poems:



A pelican skims the bay,
wings clipping, barely rippling
the glassy surface.
Suddenly, it plops upon its prey
like a Harley in full skid.

My computer is down today.
I can’t skim the world
in search of prey,
nor drop my crafted missiles–
my advertorials and infomercials,
nor wander cyberworld selling space
at high speed, skimming the surface
of an eerie sea where credit floats and
concepts merge like corpulent corporations.

No, my Mac won’t boot today.
I can drop below the surface
where blood runs thick,
heartbeats pump
and thoughts cohere–
like a Harley in fifth gear.


When thoughts cohere we can set goals, make plans, follow through with little steps every day, doing one thing at a time, leisurely, thoroughly, and so well that we actually make some money.



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Evelyn Cole

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