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You can browse these Modern Adult Novels about Love in all its facets:

The Underbelly, Upmarket Adult Novel,   illustrates the common desire to rise in social class as well as the uncommon degree of obsession. It’s subtitled Dr. Jacquelyn and Mrs. Hyde. I figured a woman obsessed wouldn’t kill anyone but might destroy things.

Hurricane Love, Fictional Novel about Adult Romance, acts out the legal dilemma of assisted suicide. My father attempted suicide after a debilitating stroke. He’d often said he never wanted to be a burden to his family. He took a handful of sleeping pills. My mother discovered him and had his stomach pumped to keep him alive. Conflicted about this for years afterward, I wrote Hurricane Love.

Gambling for Good Mail, a comic Upmarket Adult Novel, with a serious theme about subconscious causes for obsessions.  Felicia, the main character, is addicted to catalogue shopping. This novel is a light satire of the 1990’s in Southern California. I had a lot of fun researching it.

A Tough Journey, Upmarket Adult Novel about Desired Success, is one man’s struggle through a series of problems until he digs deep enough to take responsibility for all of them and thereby solve them.

For the Sake of all Others, A Fictional Mystery Novel about Teen Suicide was inspired by a student’s suicide when I was teaching high school. I modeled the main character after one of the principals I had worked under. He makes extensive query into the motive for one boy’s suicide hoping to prevent all others in his care from killing themselves.

From a Train Window is a five section book of poems ranging from Public to Deep Love. The latter I read every year in February at local venues.

Brainsweep is a six lesson course on writing to access your subconscious mind and put it in sync with your conscious desires. Available at no cost. Simply email me with Brainsweep in the subject.

Your Inalienable Right  shows you how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique to end embarrassment.  Email me with Your Inalienable Right  in the subject

And have fun with the Astrological, Philosophical Cooking Blog subtitled, How to Fee d Your Friends Instead of Your Frenzy