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Brain Sweep

Brainsweep is a six lesson course in writing by both hands to uncover the early programming of one’s brain and sweep out self-destructive messages.

It is based on the following established facts:

  1. Problems repeat. Each of us tends to have the same kind of problem again and again.
  2. Fiction writers and poets recognize the power of the sub-conscious mind that shows up through writing.
  3. Writing freely by hand about a problem provides a more direct connection to the subconscious mind than writing by keyboard.
  4. A question answered with the non-dominant hand usually comes straight from the subconscious mind.
  5. Recognizing the subconscious source of problems is the easiest way to solve them.

Table of Contents

  1. Your BELIEFS create your life every day. Your subconscious mind leads you by the nose to see only those things that support your beliefs and blinds you to evidence that contradicts them.
  2. Many of your parents’ negative self concepts (and those of other influential adults) were passed on in the form of criticism of you “FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.” Because you were young, you believed them.
  3. These criticisms and definitions of you when you were a child are buried in your subconscious mind and have become HABITS OF THOUGHT, along with other unexamined assumptions about yourself and life that you picked up along the way.
  4. Many of your beliefs about yourself are based on ERROR, your own errors as well as those of others, especially the negative ones.
  5. Discover how to gain control over worry, jealousy and other negative thoughts that attract their counterparts.
  6. How small, unrecognized FEARS betray us; how to discover and eliminate them.

I am unable as yet to upload the pdf file for Brainsweep. If you would like to try it, email me at and I will reply with the lessons attached.

I believe you will find that my Brainsweep program will help you gain insight and discover new tools you can use to eliminate negative and destructive thoughts in your life. You deserve to be happy!

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