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Cooking with Google

September 5th, 2013 Evelyn Cole

The recipes in my astrological, philosophical cooking blog are ones I know very well. They’re keepers. But I know also that you can get any recipe you’re jonesing for online. We used to use cookbooks, but no longer need them. Just Google what you want to create from scratch. It can be a lot of fun.

However, there’s much more to cooking than recipes. That’s why I offer personalized dinner plans using astrology as a well known metaphor for character types and concurrent peccadillos. (That’s not a spice.)

I suggest you make a list of events or describe one event you recall that you wish you didn’t, related to dinner parties of course. Send me a quick description and I will attempt to show you what to do in a similar situation. I’ll be the Dear Abby of the dinner parties.¬†Either email with “dinner mistakes” in the subject line or submit below¬†and I’ll reply here.


P.S. Here is my first letter and my response

Dear Evy,

I invited six friends for dinner. I cooked in advance and had the table set when my mother-in-law showed up by surprise with a huge package for my husband. Naturally I made a place for her at the table. My problem was she wouldn’t stop talking. The dinner party was a disaster. What could I have done?


Dear Amelia,

Your mother-in-law knew at some deep level that she was not welcome. This fed her anxiety. Anxiety fuels non stop chatting. What you could have done to save the party: thank her for coming, lead her to give the gift immediately to her son, ask her to come for dinner on another specific date, and don’t set a place for her. You can do all this kindly and escort her out.




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Evelyn Cole

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