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February 16th, 2014 Evelyn Cole

Many years ago my husband

who had never hit me

in ten years of marriage

beat me to a pulp one night

after a movie with friends


As I brushed my hair

in our bathroom he rushed in

socked  my face and body

until I fell on the floor

then he kicked my gut


We had two little girls

I grabbed them out of bed

and escaped to our friends’ house

I wanted a divorce


Later he said he’d been infuriated

by my talking to our friends

about the movie

while standing over him


Ignorant of the beating,

my parents begged me to stay married

for the sake of our girls


Later he beat me because

I’d gone deep sea fishing

when the albacore were running


We were invited to a party

while I was fishing and

he would not go without me

I told no one about his beatings

It was the early sixties

women like me had no rights

nor guts


I hired a cheap lawyer who did nothing

The court ordered my husband

to pay child support:

seventy-five dollars a month


I discovered sudden extreme poverty


Now, years later

my daughter’s husband left her,

their two sons, and his job


She has sudden extreme poverty


Deja Vu



Evelyn Cole 

February 2014

Written by Evelyn Cole

Evelyn Cole

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