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How to Love your Partner as Much as Your Dog

July 26th, 2013 Evelyn Cole


(Arroyo Grande, CA August 18, 2012)

Novelist and blogger Evelyn Cole says August is the second most romantic month of the year, at least in the northern hemisphere. For some people just the word “romance” is enough to make them break out in a cold sweat. “We can love our dogs,” Cole says, “and forgive their flaws easier than we forgive ourselves or others.” But romance, or satisfying intimacy with a partner, Cole claims, is simple to achieve just by doing three things differently.

First, surprise your spouse or partner. Do something off the wall like cook a three course dinner. Recipes are available at her Astrological, Philosophical Cooking Blog on

Or change your habitual behavior in one way. If you have bacon and eggs for breakfast twice a week, have a leftover spinach-salad omelet instead. That won’t cost anything.

Second, suspend judgment, all judgment of yourself first and then of your partner. This takes practice. Try it for one day and discover how free and romantic you feel. Whenever a critical thought such as “why is she (or he) so slow?” comes to mind, just drown it out with good music.

Third, take the time to read aloud to your partner from a good novel—not necessarily from the Romance genre. Try The Underbelly, subtitled Dr. Jacquelyn and Mrs. Hyde. Available at Remember when your parents read aloud to you? Or when you read aloud to your kids? Reading fiction is an intimate activity because you know the characters better than you know your friends. Share that intimacy for inspired romance.

About Evelyn Cole: She is known online as The Whole-mind Writer from her series of essays on the power of the subconscious mind. She is the author of five novels, one book of poetry, one e-course called “Brainsweep” and her current Astrological, Philosophical Cooking Blog reminiscent of a Tom Robbins lunch with Julia Child.

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