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October 4th, 2013 Evelyn Cole




After we hit puberty we fear intimacy. Remember how you ducked your mother’s kisses when you were thirteen? Yet we crave it. What a dilemma! How we fear embarrassment.


Here are some examples of pleasurable intimacy beyond the obvious sexual ones:


  1. Honest conversation with a close friend, relative, or lover face to face, not texted
  2. Reading a novel about easy to imagine characters you recognize
  3. Hosting a small dinner party with close and trusted friends where each one reveals something new to the others.
  4. Courage to be embarrassed. That comes from genuine self-acceptance.


I recommend all of the above for great pleasure and specifically reading contemporary adult poetry by Douglas Goetsch, Charles Harper Web, Stephen Dunne and, of course, Evelyn Cole. These poets are clear and easy to understand, not like the ones you read in Freshman English, and they reveal the authors’ guts in intimate ways.


Also, read any of my upmarket adult novels. Choose which one by reading the first chapter on this website. One is about teen suicide, another about fight over a women’s shelter in a California beach town. Then there’s one about a trial over euthanasia, a comic satire of Southern California, and the latest, a light treatise on social class conflicts. All contain adult love stories.




Written by Evelyn Cole

Evelyn Cole

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