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New Poem by Evelyn Cole: LIVE ACTION DOVES

June 5th, 2014 Evelyn Cole

I sit outside
watching doves court
on telephone lines

A male dove bows
to a female; she moves
three inches down the line

He follows & bows again
She moves further away
He closes in; she flies to another line

He chases her in the sky
for four rounds
Then she lands; he bows

I wonder if all species of females
are coy like some women I know
unlike the one I know best

My good friend’s lover
told her that I was the first woman
who wouldn’t flirt with him

My mother and sister flirted a lot
end encouraged me to do so
Somehow, I skirted the issue

Too tall, my body could not shrink
low enough to flash my eyes up
into a hunkering man’s eyes

I married three times
No need to flirt
I wonder if I should have

But third time’s a charm

Evelyn Cole
May 2014

Written by Evelyn Cole

Evelyn Cole

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